A Page from a Prayer Book of 1716

A Page from a Prayer Book of 1716 showing the Kalendar for January where King Charles the Martyr is shown as a red letter saint (30th January)

The Society of King Charles the Martyr has a history dating back to the 19th century. Since King Charles’ martyrdom on 30th January, 1649, countless Anglicans and Christians have remembered his sacrifice for the Church. The origins of the Society can be traced back more specifically to when the Feast of S.Charles was unjustly removed the Kalendar of The Prayer Book.

The Society was founded in 1894 as ‘a Church Defence Union under the banner of the Martyr-King’ and its initial prime objective was ‘intercessory prayer for the defence of the Church of England against the attacks of her enemies’. Since its founding the work and objectives of the Society have broadened into a wider devotional society with its continuance in the tradition of Catholic Anglicanism.

The Society of King Charles the Martyr is active today promoting the objectives of the society and commemorating the Martyr’s sacrifice. The membership and committee of the Society has decided to maintain the doctrine and practice of the Church upon the matter of the conference of the Orders of Bishop and Priest as they were before synodical government was introduced into the Church of England.

We welcome ecumenical participation and are pleased to hear from all those who are interested in honouring the memory of S.Charles. We are a member of the Council of Catholic Societies, and co-operate with other bodies with similar aims.

A brief history of the Society can be found here; additionally, in recent years the Society has had its history written in full and this is available at our shop.