A painting of the martyrdom of S.Charles

A painting of the martyrdom of S.Charles which hangs in Burstwick Church, East Riding of Yorkshire, dated 1697

The objectives of SKCM today are:

  1. Promotion of a wider and better observance of the Feast day of S.Charles, 30th January.
  2. The propagation of true knowledge about the life and times of S. Charles (and to win general recognition of the great debt the Church of England owes to him for his faithfulness unto death in defence of the Church and Her apostolic succession and ministry as received and practiced from the first seven Ecumenical Councils).
  3. The support of efforts to build and equip churches dedicated under the patronage of S. Charles the Martyr (both at home and overseas).
  4. To recognize and encourage the wide devotion to King Charles the Martyr
    expressed by Christians, Catholic and Orthodox.