King Charles I

King Charles I

Lord Nicholas Windsor, Patron of the Society writes…

“May I welcome you to these web-pages of The Society of King Charles the Martyr with the hope that you will find their contents interesting and informative.

Although a small society we remain very active and lively in providing a fitting organisation to keep the memory of the life and death of King Charles. It was the Blessed John Henry Newman who recalled
the Church to remember ‘our own Saint Charles’ and John Keble who wrote, ‘It is as natural that the Church of England should keep this day [30th January] as it is that Christ’s Universal Church should keep Saint Stephen’s martyrdom.’ In the King’s personal piety, devotion and support of the Church, his ecumenical understanding (far advanced for his day), his patronage of the Arts in the service of God, his inspiration of the Christian classic, Eikon Basilike and of course his martyrdom, we have much to REMEMBER and be thankful for.”

-Lord Nicholas Windsor, Patron

An Introduction from the Chairman of the Society.

“The Society was founded as a Church defence union under the heavenly patronage of the Royal Martyr, who died to maintain the Church of England’s apostolicity, and who had promoted liturgical order, beauty and excellence, toleration for Roman Catholics and the revival if the Religious Life.

We are pleased to remain a traditional Anglican Catholic devotional society with an ecumenical membership of clergy and laity who are interested in S. Charles’s life and times and willing to REMEMBER his sacrifice. Membership is open to all Christians who honour the Anglican patrimony and Catholic faith of S. Charles.

There are three main religious observances a year; at the place of the martyrdom, the Banqueting House in Whitehall on 30th January, Restoration Day and the King’s Birthday. Members receive Church and King, the Society’s journal and a prayer card on joining. SKCM publishes other materials that members may purchase at privileged prices. There are branches in the USA and Australia.”

-Robin Davis, Esq., Chairman